Speak out & get back the energy in your relationship!

Almost 1 in 3 marriages end in a divorce. Partners grow apart or 'the magic is gone'. Many of these relationships stall because partners do not communicate with each other. Irritations develop and certain topics become taboo. 

94% of the couples have one or more topics they can't talk about.

Sex and money are difficult things to discuss, but also things from the past, division of tasks and time and attention for each other can lead to separation. 

Talking pays off!

From our own research (find the report here) we know there is a big difference between couples that do (try to) talk, event when it is hard - and couples that simply don't talk at all to each other. This last group has less faith in their relationship and keeps hoping the other person will start a serious conversation. 

And even in relationships that do work, certain (touchy) issues are hard to discuss and come between the partners.

Time to speak out and be able to enjoy each other fully again! 


Diederik Conrad launched a new concept: 

How does the Partner Coach work? 

  • Together we have a series of four sessions within one month
  • Every partner has 1 session with the coach separately and we have 2 sessions with the three of us. 
  • We will look for solutions to your questions or issues. 
  • At the same time you will learn to coach each other in difficult talks - how do you manage such a conversation yourself and come to a positive outcome? 


Take the first step to a solution and to a happy and carefree summer now! 

Call +31 6 22528077 or mail to martijn@diederikconrad.nl