“To most of us the real life is the life we do not lead.”

- Oscar Wilde

Looking for a (Gay) Coach?

Keep Calm because I'm GayCoaching comes in many shapes and sizes: Mental coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, personal coaching, business coaching... Are you still there? What do you go for? When you are looking for a coach, two things are essential.

First of all you have to be (very) motivated to get challenged and get to work. Coaching is not intended to sit-back-relax-and-have-a-chat. Your coach will ask questions that trigger you: You have to find the answers and start moving.

Secondly, a so-called 'match' between you and your coach is important. It's no magic, but based on shared values and recognition and on open communication. Sometimes the match is just amazing. Other times it has to grow through a number of sessions. And sometimes it's just not there and you have to keep looking for what works for you. Everyone gets the coach that he or she deserves!

I love coaching gay professionals that want to get more out of life: Their relations, career, now or in the future. People with dreams and ambitions, who, like me, are sometimes confronted with questions and challenges that require some serious brain work. I like to think and work with you on that!

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