How does the coaching work?

My coach approached is based on the co-active coaching philosophy and method. This is developed by the renowned CTI institute in the US. CTI is a non-profit organization that focuses on the training of coaches and on development of leadership throughout the world. On a regular basis I go to London to participate in my ongoing training. For more information, look at

Key to a strong coaching outcome is the relationship between you, the coachee, and the coach (being me). We first have a meeting to get to know each other (free of cost), discuss your coaching question and see if we 'click'. On the basis of that you decide if you want to continue and I will let you know if I can assist you with your question. 

We will plan for three coachingsessions with 3 tot 5 weeks in between. This number and frequency of sessions is necessary to build up a coaching relationship and to be able to get some concrete results as well.

Cost per session (max 60 min) is 125 euro. Sessions can be face-to-face, at my location in Utrecht or Amsterdam, but can also be over the phone. I can also come to you (based on a rate per km).

The price of one session (1 hour) is 125 euros. The sessions can be face-to-face on location in Utrecht or Amsterdam, but can also easily be done over the phone. I can also come to a location of your choice (based on a fee per km).

Please contact me to plan a meeting.