Why gay coaching works for you!

Coaching is a valuable investment in you. It helps you to set goals and to balance you (busy) life. It strengthens your communication skills and confidence and gives you different and new perspectives on yourself, your work and your life.

Why gay coaching?

When you are gay, it is an important part of your identity. It means that you are part of a minority that has to deal with prejudice (negative and positive). It does not have to be an issue for you in your daily functioning, but it will play a part in how you act and communicate and in the choices you make. You decide what part of your identity you want to share with the outside world and how you do that. But you cannot hide from yourself.

There is a lot of scientific research into what it means to be gay and to not fit automatically in the ruling standard. The results show that this can really have tangible (negative) consequences: In relationships, work and lifestyle and for your mental wellbeing. Studies also show that there are good way to deal with any negative consequences by creating personal strategies and through the support of people around you.   

Why me as a coach?

I am a gay man myself and as a business consultant I go to a lot of different organizations and operate in diverse business cultures. Besides that, I have lived and worked in several countries. Even today I sometimes wonder if the people I meet can 'sense' that I am gay and I am in doubt if I should tell them my partner is not a women. I have found ways to deal with that in an effective manner - depending on the situation I am in - but also being honest to myself, my feelings and sense of self-worth.

To me, coaching means creating perspectives, structure and direction. The relationship between the client and the coach is central. That is why a 'match' is important. We have to understand each other. If both the client and the coach are gay, there is already an important basis to work from. There are a lot of things you do not have to explain and I can relate more easily to certain facts and feelings. You do not have to be ashamed of what you are feeling or who you are. The coaching question you want to address with me does not have to be related to your sexual identity, but understanding and trust feels comfortable in every human relation.