Who is your (gay) coach?

My name is Martijn Bruil. Diederik Conrad is the name of my company (Diederik is my third middle (!) name and Conrad is the middle name of my best friend).

What makes my approach to coaching special is that I combine coaching experience a psychological and business background in my work. I have been a consultant and coach for many years with a thorough scientific base.

As a consultant and project manager I have worked for many international corporates and for the national government. I work on a number of change management programs at strategic level and coached different professional 'on the job'. Consultancy wise I am focused on internal communications, public relations, media-and presentation training, crisis communication and event management. I still work as a consultant to stay connected to the professional world. I have worked in different countries and cultures.

I love to study! I have a master’s degree in social sciences (communications) and in business. I studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and finished it with honor. No I am doing a PhD study at the UvA focusing on the performance of gay men in their daily life and work.