Client references


Below you will find a number of references from clients I have coached in the past. This will give you an idea of what the coaching meant and brought for them. 


Ferry, Manager at one of the Dutch Ministries (NL):

“The coaching with Martijn helped me in being aware of the role I have in relationships and the first impression I give. Besides insights from models and theory, his gave poignant feedback about what stood out in my answers and reactions. He asked the right questions to create spin-off between the coaching sessions. Personal contact via email or phone to remind me of my ‘thinking’ homework, gave an extra boost. Lots of gains from a limited number of sessions!”


Robin, Medical Professional  (NL):

“I was never really comfortable with being gay. I always kept my private life really separate from work and most of my friends and family. They liked me being the ‘non-gay’ gay guy, that just happens to prefer men over women. Or so I thought. When I started working for a new company they really challenged me to show more about myself. They wanted real people to take care of their patients and to work with colleagues. I thought I was managing well, but after a year my bosses asked me to drop the wall and take a coach. After having test-sessions with several coaches, I ended up with Martijn. I choose him because he is a gay professional too and has worked in different environments and cultures. I always thought I was a special case, but he made me realize I’m just one of you all and mainly ‘just human’. As a result I have opened up more and I have a far more balanced life, bringing work people into my private life and sharing my weekend stories over lunch with colleagues. Maybe it sounds petty, but it gives me tremendous peace of mind. I am now running for doctor of the year (ok –that’s a joke).” 


Donald,Partner at an international consultancy firm (UK & NL) 

“The coaching with Martijn got me moving again. I was stuck in my work, in my relationships – dating, with friends and with my family – basically in my life. My job is very demanding and being in a management role gives me the opportunity to completely dive into work without paying any attention to myself and my own needs. I became unhappy, angry and unfulfilled. With Martijn I looked at what really matters to me. What lies underneath all the work and stress and the haphazard contacts I have with the people around me. I started to exercise again and am taking better care of myself – mind and body. I am focused on the quality of the work I do, not on the number of hours I make. It’s easy to fall back into old habits, but after each coaching (or reality-check), I feel empowered again to do what I believe matters and to set my boundaries. Martijn is a great challenger and coach to have beside you when you’re in a process of change.”